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Acoustic bass (Double Bass) (String bass) (Upright bass)

African pod rattle

Alpaca nail rattles (2) from Peru

Agogo bells - LP231

Agogo bells - metal (from Brazil)

Agogo bells - wood

Ahooga Horn (Ooga horn, Klaxon horn, Vintage auto horn, Car horn)

Alarm Bell (5”, 6”, 12”) three sizes available

Aluminum Trine

Alpine cowbells (almglocken) 3.5 octaves F3 to C7 (C4 is middle  “C”)

Almglocken (tuned cowbells) 3.5 octaves F3 to C7 (C4 is middle “C”)

Almglocken (D4 to C6) on Almglocken stand for Bates Cello Concerto

2 Almglocken stands  (1 Large and 1 Small)

American In Paris (Gershwin) 4 taxi horns (4 pitches “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”)

Amps for guitar, bass & keyboards

Aquaphone (waterphone) (H20phone)

Ashiko drum (African drum with skin head)

Ash tone wood blocks - medium + large (Pearl  PAB50 + PAB 100)

Auto Horn (Bulb Horn) (Taxi Horn) (Car horn) made of brass tubing

Bamboo chimes (wind chimes)

Bass amp - GK 800RB  Gallien Krueger

Bass bow (German or French)

Bass cabinet - SWR

Bass chimes (Bass clef pitches) F3, Gb3, G3, Ab3, A3, Bb3, B3

Bass chime stand

5 Bass drums (Concert) 36”, 36”, 34”, 32”, 28” with NuSkyn BD heads

Bass drum cymbal attachment

Bass drum MultiLegs (Black Swamp)

Bass drum stands - folding Ludwig

Bass drum stand - tilting BD stand for 36”, 32”, 28” bass drums

6 bass stools (wood)

Bata drum - LP492 small Oconcolo    5” and 6 3/4” heads

Bata drum - LP491 medium Omele    5 3/4” and 9” heads

Bata drum - LP490 large Iya               6 1/2” and 12 1/2” heads

Bata stand - LP445 Bata stand holds 3 bata. Bata stand is on wheels.

Bata drum (Skin on Skin) large lya

Bell Plate 9” x 8” Steve Weiss

Bells - 1560 Deagan 1.25” (range G to c)  in new custom case

Bells - Leedy  1.25”  (range F up to D8)  in custom flat case

Bells - Deagan 7/8” roundtop 3 octaves (E to E8)  in new custom case

Bells - 1020 Deagan 7/8” roundtop 2.5 oct.(G to c) in new custom case

Bells - 561 Deagan 1.25” Parsifal 3 octaves(+ hi C#) on concert stand

Bell stands - Ludwig LE1368 adjustable height bell stands

2 Bell Tree - Latin Percussion LP450 (mountable)

Bending gongs (China Opera gong) Peking Opera gongs

Bird  whistle (Acme)

Blocks (LP blue, LP red, Pearl yellow)

Boat whistle (Acme)

Bodhran,  Remo 16” (ET 4516-81)

5 Bongos LP793X Giov, LP201AX, LP201AX, LP original, LP200xf-BK

5 Bongo stands - LP330, LP330C, Gibraltar 7716, Gibraltar 7616

Bowl gong-Cup gong, Rin gong, Temple bowl, Singing bowls, Dobachi

Boxing bell (three available) 5”,  6” and 12” (fight bell) (alarm bell)

Brake discs

Brake drums (5)

Brake rotors (3)

Brass tube tree

Bulb horn (taxi horn) (auto horn) (car horn)

Burma Bells (5 sizes) 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”

Cabasa - LP standard, LP large, Brazilian

Cajon - LP with strings

Cajon - Meinl with snares

Cajon pedal - Gibraltar

Cajon stand -Meinl

Car horn (Bulb horn) (Taxi horn)

Castanet machine - Toca TOC-T2300, 

Castanets - Frank Epstein ,TocaTOCT2300 castanet machine

Caxixi   (basket shaker from Brazil)

Celesta (Celeste) Cromwell with 4 octave C4 to C8 range

Chairs - 80 black folding

Chime stand (a small chime stand which can hold 1 to 7 chimes)

Chimes  (tubular bells) (Deagan 1.5” diameter tubes) range C4 to F5

Chimes - Soprano chimes - High F#5, High G5, High G#5, High A5

Chimes - Bass clef chime pitches F3, F#3, G3, G#3, A3, Bb3, B3

Chime stand holds bass clef chimes OR treble clef chimes

Chimta - Long flat chrome rod with 14 pair of metal jingles (India)

Chinese cymbals 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 22”

Chinese Opera gongs (Peking Opera Gong) bending gongs

Chinese tom toms - 6 sizes - small to very large - have skin heads

Claves (rosewood) or (LP597 fiberglass)

Coconut shells (matched pair) (Horses Hoofs)

Compact conga (LP825) 11”

5 Concert bass drums (sizes 36”, 36”, 34”, 32”, 28”) w/ NuSkyn heads

Concert bass drum stands - Yamaha tilting or Ludwig folding

Concert snare drum - Pearl Philharmonic 4”x14”, 5”x14”, 6.5”x14”wood

Concert snare drum - Black Swamp 5.5” x 14” Maple wood

Concert tom toms  5 Ludwig 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 15” (single head toms)

Concert tom toms  6 Sonor 10”, 12’, 13”, 14” 15”, 16”  (double heads)

Concert tom toms  7 Taye 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”,15”,16” (double heads)

Concert tom toms  6 Yamaha 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 16” (double heads)

Conductor music stand (Hamilton KB300A)

Conductor podium (Jarvis)

Congas (LP wood Giovanni) 11”, 11.75”, 12.5”, 12.5” 

Congas (Skin on Skin)     10”, 11”, 11.75”, 12.5”

Conga   (King Conga)    10.5”             

Conga stand (LP636 Collapsible cradle) with wheels (holds 1 conga)

Conga stand LP290B double conga stand w/wheels (holds 2 congas)

Conga 11”     (LP825 Compact Conga)

LP637 Rubber conga feet

Travel Congas (Pearl)  11” conga PTC1100, 12.5” tumba PTC1250

Cow bells (LP) assorted sizes

27 tuned Cowbells(range F4 to G6)Deagan Sheep Bells leather straps

Cowbell bracket

Crash cymbals (Piatti) 15” K, 18” Sabian,19” Zildjian,18” + 20” Paiste

Crasher, Metal Ribbon (2)

Cricket LP634

Crotales (full set is low octave + high octave)(C to c range) 3 sets

Cuica (Brazil)

Cymbals (types)  hi-hat, crash, ride, sizzle, suspended and piatti

Darabouka (Darbuka)

Darabouka stand (Darbuka stand)

3 Devil Chasers

Door buzzer (electric)

Double Bass (String bass) (Upright bass) (Acoustic bass)

Doumbek (Dumbec) (Dumbek) 1 solid shell (Egypt), 1 ceramic shell

Doumbek stand Meinl TMID (This drum is called Dumbec or Dumbek)

Djembe Remo 16” (DJ 0016) tunable

Djembe Remo 14” (DJ 0014) tunable

Djembe Remo 12” (DJ 0012) tunable

Djembe  LP 720X with tunable 12.5” fiberskyn head

Djembe - West African carved djembe with goat skin head

Djembe stand - Gibraltar Pro GPDS  and Pearl 3000 Pro All Fit

Drum sets - Yamaha Maple Custom, Taye StudioMaple

Drum throne - Roc N Soc round blue seat with manual spindle

Drum throne - Roc N Soc bicycle seat with manual spindle + back rest

Drum throne - Roc N Soc bicycle seat black with lunar base +back rest

Drum throne - Gibraltar round seat with Roc N Soc manual spindle

Duck call  (2 types) Acme and Knight & Hale

DX7 Yamaha keyboard synthesizer (61 note range from C to c)

Electric piano 88 note keyboard Kurzweil PC88

Everything Rack LP372 (has 6 posts)

Fender Princeton guitar amp 2x10”

Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp 2x12”

Field Drum - Ludwig 12”x14” w/cable and Ludwig 12” X15” w/cable

Fight bell (5” , 6”, 12”) three sizes available

Finger cymbals, pair of   (Zildjian)

Finger cymbal machine (The Miller Machine)

Fire alarm bell

Flex-a-tone  (2 sizes) small and large (LP)

Folding chairs - 80 black

Gajate foot pedal bracket (LP388N) for playing cowbell or jam block

2 Gibraltar SC-AM1 Single post percussion accessory mount-CBorWB

Glockenspeil - Leedy F5-D8

Glockenspiel - Deagan G5-C8

Glockenspiel - 3 oct. E5 to E8  with 7/8” width bars

Glockenspiel - 3 oct. C5 to D8 Parsifal with resonators on stand

Goat hoof nail rattles (2) from Alpaca goats in Peru

Gong rack

Gongs - sizes 16”, 26”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 40”  Wuhan Chau gongs

Gongs (Thai tuned gongs - 2.3 octaves from G#3 up to C6)

Gran Casa - 36” Ludwig,  36” Ludwig, 32” Yamaha, 28” Ludwig

Gran Casa tilting stands for 36”, 32”, 28” bass drums

Granite blocks (set of 5) LP1210 on LP stand

Guiro (wood type - red) (LP452 metal) (LP243 tan plastic)

Guiro (wooden fish rasp) 2

Guiro holder Meinl MC-GU

Guitar amps - Fender Twin Reverb 2x12”, Princeton Chorus 2x10”

H20phone (Waterphone) (Aquaphone)

Harpsichord - one manual (4.6 octave range from “A” up to “F”)

Herd Bells (German or Swiss) with metal clapper inside

Himalayan bowls (Tibetan singing bowls, Rin gongs, Temple bowls)

Jam Blocks - LP blue, LP red, Pearl yellow

Japanese singing bowls (5 sizes)

Kalimba 17 note Hugh Tracey (original Treble B3 to D6 range)

Kanjira - Remo traditional 7” ET-8227-00

Keyboard amps (2)  Roland KC550

Keyboard synthesizers - Kurzweil PC88, Korg Triton 88, Yamaha DX7

Khartal (1 pair) each Khartal has 4 pairs of tambourine jingles (India)

Klaxon horn (Ooga horn) (Ahooga Horn) (Vintage auto horn)(Car horn)

Kyeezees (Burma Bells) 5 sizes 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”

Leaf pod shaker

Lions roar

LP Jam Blocks   Red, Blue, (Pearl yellow)

3 Log drums - 20” small, 25” medium, 30” large(Grover) 2 notes per dr

Log drums - hand made by local craftsman

106 Manhasset music stands (model M48)

Maraca machine (LP 281F Fusheki)

Maracas LP 281 yellow, LP389, Mexican painted, Brown, Venezuelan

Marching Men machine

Marimba (sizes) 3 oct.F-F, 4 oct.C-C, 4.3 oct A-C, 4.6 F-C,5 oct.C2-C7

Mark chimes (mark tree or wind chimes) Pearl with damper bar 

Mark Tree (mark chimes or wind chimes) TreeWorks630 w/damper

Metal ribbin crasher (2)

Military snare drum (field drum) 12” x 14” w/cable, 12” x 15” w/cable

Miller finger cymbal machine

Miller triangle machine

Mokubio (Square) 2 high pitched piccolo wood blocks from Asia

Music stand Conductor Hamilton KB300A

Music stands - 121 Manhasset M48 Symphony model

Music stand carts (Manhasset 1910 & 1920, Wenger Large, Hercules)

Music stands - 50 folding wire music stands

Music stand lights (75) Universal Klip Lites

Ocean drum 22” + 16” (2 sizes) Remo

Octapad  (Roland SPD 30)

Ooga Horn (Klaxon horn, Ahooga horn, Vintage auto horn, Car horn)

Opera Gong (Chinese opera gong) (Peking opera gong) bending gong

Orchestra Bells - Deagan 1580 (G to c) or Leedy (F to d) (1.25” bars)

Pan Pipes (wooden) made in Peru

Parsifal bells - 1.25” Deagan 3 octaves (C to c) with resonators

PC88 Kurzweil (88 note) keyboard synthesizer

8 Percussion trap tables on 8 stands

Percussion table LP760A (trap table)

Piatti (pair of crash cymbals) 15” K, 18” Sabian, 19” Zildjian, 20” Paiste

Piccolo snare drum - Pearl 3” x 13” maple wood

2 Piccolo wood blocks (Square) Mokubio

Pipes - high and low (can be used for anvil sound)

Pit Xylophone - 3 octaves (C to c) Musser or Deagan

Podium for a conductor to stand on

Pod shaker (leaf pod shaker) Peru

Pod rattle (African) Togo Seed (brown)   Uyot Seed (tan) Nigeria

Police whistle (Acme metal)

Pop gun (large) with cork


Rain Stick

Reco Reco (Brazilian instrument) metal spring

Repinique 10”x10” Meinl MEI-RE10   Aluminum shell

2 RhythmTech DSM2 mount with 1 bent rod - tambourine,cowbell, wb

RhythmTech RT 7904 Quad Mount (4 posts) for tambourine, cb, wb

Ribbon crashers (2) metal

Rin gong (Japan), Tibetan singing bowls, Temple bowls, Dobachi

Roland Octapad SPD30 and the original Octapad

Roland KC550 keyboard amp

15 Roto toms  6”+8”+10”, 6+8+10, 8+10+12, 10+12, 14+16, 14+18”

Rasp (wooden fish guiro)

Samba whistle (LP352)  gold metal whistle

Sambago bells LP617 Double  (high and low plastic wood blocks)

Sandpaper blocks

Seed Pod Shaker (Africa) brown or tan

School Bell (5”) and (6”)

Shaker (Indonesia) Double Bali shaker rattle (brown)

Shaker (Leaf Pod Shaker) Peru

Shaker  LP441 pair soft shakers, LP462 rock shaker, MeinlSh45GR

Shaker (RhythmTech studio) or (Remo fruit Shaker)

27 Sheep Cow Bells (Musical) (tuned F4 to G6) with leather handles

Shekere (LP483) fiberglass OR natural guord

Ship bell (6”)

5 Singing bowls (Tibetan), Rin Gongs, Temple bowls, Dobachi (5)

Siren - 2 hand crank sirens (1 vintage and 1 new)

Siren whistles (two Acme) TH147NP


Sizzle cymbals (4 cymbal sizes with rivets) 16”, 19”, 20”, 21”

Slapstick (whip) Yamaha and  VaughCraft

Sleigh bells (jingle bells)

Slide whistle  (Acme)

Slit drum with pitches F4, G3, A3, C4, D4, F4, G4, A4, C5, D5

Sonor drums Phonic 10”, 12”, 13”,14”, 15” toms, 16”Fl  tom, 22” BD

Snare drum - drum set  4” x 14”, 5”x14”, 5.5” x14”, 6.5” x14”

Snare drum - piccolo 3” x 13” Pearl maple wood

Snare drum (concert) Pearl Philharmonic 4”x14”maple, 6.5”x14” maple

Snare drum (concert) Clevelander 5” x 14” wood w/triple snare system

Snare drum (concert) Black Swamp 5.5 “ x 14” w/ triple snare system

Spiral trash cymbal 18” Zildjian

Spring coil (vintage automobile)

Spring drum 10” x 4” (Remo SP-0410)

Spring guiro (from Brazil)

Stand lights    (66 music stand lights) Universal Klip Lites

Steel plate

Stick tray (mountable tables) Pearl PTT1212, Gibraltar SCMAT + 7615

Stools (6 wood) for

timpani stool, string bass stool, vocalist stool

Street car bell (Trolley bell)

String bass (Double bass) (Upright bass) (Acoustic bass)

Student marimbas (in three sizes) 3 octave, 4octave, 4.3 octave

Surdo  (from Brazil)   20” head x 24” shell length

Suzu gongs (Singing bowls, Rin gongs or temple bowls)2 large+3 med

Synthesizers - 88 note Korg Triton, Kurzweil PC88, Yamaha DX7

Talking drum  (Africa)

Tama multi clamps - 2 cymbal attachments MCA53, MCA63EN

Tama multi clamp model 66 for Octapad

Tama multi clamp model 6 (holds a rod to hang gongs or almglocken)

Tambourine - Grover          (with skin head)

Tambourine - Black Swamp (with skin head)

Tambourine - headless LP Cyclops

Tambourine (mountable LP Cyclops) with Brass jingles or Steel jingles

Tambourine (mountable RhythmTech DST) mounts on stand

Tambourine holder (2) RhythmTech DSM2 Mount + (1) Quad Mount

Tambourine RhythmTech on Hat Shake G2 (place above hihat cymbal

Tamborim - small Brazilian drum played with a stick
Tam tams - in sizes 16”, 26”, 30”, 31”, 34”, 40” (Wuhan)

Taxi horn (Bulb Horn) (Auto Horn)

4 Taxi horns for American in Paris (4 pitches “A”,”B”,”C”,”D”)

Taye concert tom toms 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, !4”, 15”rack toms,16” floortom

Taye drum set  22” BD, 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14” floor tom, 16” floor tom

Taye drum set  20” BD, 8”, 10”, 12” toms, 14” floor tom, StudioMaple

Taye drum set  18” BD Jazz BeBop,  8”x12” tom,  14”x14” floor tom

5 Temple bowls (Tibet Singing bowls) (Rin gong) (2 large + 3 medium)

5 Temple bowl gongs, Singing bowls, Rin gong, Temple cups,Dobachi

Temple blocks (5 wood) on stand

Tenor drum   Ludwig 12” x 15” and Ludwig 12” x 14”

Thai tuned gongs - G3 up to C6  (2.4 octaves) C2, F3

Thundersheet - Medium Thundersheet on stand or Large on stand

Tilting concert bass drum stand

Timbales 14”+15” LP 257BZ on Latin Percussion timbale stand

Timbales 13”+14” Gon Bops with cowbell mount on timbale stand

Timbalitos - LP272-S  Latin Percussion 9.25” + 10.25” on LP stand

Timbales Mini LP845K  6” & 8” with tilting mount (attaches to 3/8” rod)

Timpani - 20” Yamaha + 20” Adams Professional with copper bowl

Timpani - 32” + 23” Adams Universal with copper bowls

Timpani - 29”, 26”, 23” Ludwig Professional with copper bowls

Timpani - 32”, 29”, 26”, 23”, 20”  Yamaha 6200 series w/copper bowls

Timpani Yamaha TP6232A, TP6229A, TP6226A, TP6223A, TP6220A

Timpani trunks - 32”, 29”, 26”, 23” (road trunks fit Ludwig or Yamaha)

Timpani stool

Togo Seed Rattle (African rattle)

Trolley bell (street car bell)

Tom toms (double headed) 10”, 12”, 13”, 14, 15”, 16”    Sonor

Tom toms (double headed) 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”  Yamaha Maple

Tom toms (single headed)  8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 15”          Ludwig

Trine, aluminum (Trine has triangular shape)

Train whistle (Acme) Tri-Tone

5 Trap tables (folding type) restaurant trays

Trap table stands (Ludwig LE 1368) adjustable height

9 Trap table tops (carpeted) on Ludwig LE1368 trap stands

Trap tables (Pearl PTT1212 )(Gibraltar 18”x12”) mount any cym stand

Trap table LP760A (LP Percussion Table)

2 Travel Congas (Pearl PTC1100, PTC1250) 11” conga, 12.5” tumba

Triangle - Alan Abel - Symphonic 6” and two 4”

Triangle (One Handed Triangle) LP311H

Triangle machine (The Miller Machine)

Trip bell

Triton - (Korg Triton Studio 88 note keyboard synthesizer)

Tubular bells (Chimes)

Tuned gongs - 2.4 octaves (G3 up to C6  tuned Thai gongs) C2, F3

Tuned cowbells (almglocken) 3.5 octaves (F3 to C7) C4 is middle C

Tuned taxi horns (American in Paris) 4 pitches “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”

Udu drums - LP Claytone #3,   LP Udongo II  (LP1400-UG)

Upright bass (String bass)  (Double bass) (Acoustic bass)


Water gong

Waterphone, (Aquaphone) (H2Ophone)

Water Buffalo wood block (bell)

Whip (slapstick) Vaughcraft

Wind chimes - made with small pieces of glass

Wind chimes - made with door keys      TreeWorks Tre51 hard gig bag

Wind chimes (mark chimes or mark tree) TreeWorks630 w/damper bar

Wind chimes (bamboo wood)

Wood block holder RhythmTech DSM Quad Mount

Wood block holder LP 236C

Wood block holder (2) Gibralter SC-AM1 percussion accessory mount

Wood blocks (Pearl ash tone) (PAB 50 large + PAB100 extra large)
Wood blocks - Vaughcraft 1.5,  2,  3

Wood blocks  (LP1207 red, LP1205 blue, Pearl PBL20 yellow (plastic)

Wood blocks (two sizes) Mokubio  (Chinese wood blocks)

Wood stool (6) (often used as timpani stool, bass stool, vocalist stool)

Wind gong - 22” (two) made by Wuhan

2 Wind Machines - Large  (Aeoliphone)

Vibraphone - Musser Pro M55  (with motor)   silver bars

Vibraphone - Musser Pro M55  (with motor)   adjustable height model

Vibraphone - Musser Pro M55G (with motor)   gold bars

Vibraphone ATA Road Case for Musser M55 (heavy duty Anvil case)

Vibraphone, set of 3 fibre cases for Musser M55 Pro Vibe

2 Vibraslaps - LP original and LP Vibraslap ii LP208

Vintage auto horn (Klaxon horn, Car horn, Ooga horn, Ahooga horn)

Volume pedal - Roland FV50L stereo volume pedal

Yamaha DX7 (61 note) keyboard synthesizer

Yamaha MapleCustom 8”,10”,12”,13”,14”rack;14”,16” fl tom,20”,22”BD

Xylophone M51 Musser 3.5 octave (with kelon bars)

Xylophone M50 Musser 3.5 octave (with rosewood bars)

Xylophone fibre cases, set of three cases for Musser M50

Xylophone M42 Musser  3 octave pit xylophone

Xylophone  Deagan 870 rosewood bar 3.5 oct. concert xylophone

Xylophone  Deagan 844 rosewood bar 3 octave pit xylophone

        (Deagan 844 xylophone stand is at drum set sitting height)

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